“We've been to Family Camp and Disney World.  And we'd rather be at Family Camp! Relaxed Christian atmosphere, great counselors, no waiting in lines, and WAY cheaper!"  

- Rick (Houston, TX)

Welcome to Family Camps/Retreats!


Life is fast ... and our kids grow up faster!  Join us for a weekend of relaxing, playing, learning and worshipping together in a beautiful, welcoming, fun-filled Christian atmosphere!  We have one "family retreat" (regular 2-night weekend/less expensive) and two "family camps" (3-night weekend) available.  Providing a loving family retreat atmosphere since 2007, 75-100% of our families return each year! That's an obvious sign that these weekends are worth it!

Super fun outdoor activities (archery, bb's, paintball, etc.)

Skits & games that'll make you laugh so hard you may cry

Worship as a family & bible study w/ adults

Lots of family free time (fish, swim, kayak, nap, play any number of sports, etc.)

Join us for ...

Family Camps/Retreats