Camp For Everyone

"Family camp is a great time with family and friends! My kids leave asking when they get to come back. The counselors love my kids so well, and give my wife and I the opportunity to relax knowing our kids are in good hands. "


Brad S, Cypress, TX. Family Camp family for 3 years

"Attending Family Camp has become one of our favorite activities each year!  Where else do you get to spend quality time with family, have incredible counselors pour into your kids, soak up amazing teaching and eat live bugs with great friends? Can’t wait to get back!"

Adam K, Houston, TX. Family Camp family for 3 years

"For 20 years Family camp was by far our family’s favorite weekend of the year. Our children experienced a freedom unavailable in the world today.  Our family played more, laughed harder and worshipped stronger on Labor Day weekend than just about any other time of the year.  It is a time to release the stress of schedules, activities and worries and just be together.  We love Family Camp."

Jamey W, Sugarland, TX. Family Camp family for 20 years

"Family Camp is the ONE thing that all our kids love to do! It’s become a tradition, a marker, for our family. As parents, we love that we can do so much with our kids (and also get a little time to ourselves).  It’s something we all look forward to every year!"


Troy M, Houston, TX. Family Camp family for 14 years